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April 18, 2014

Free Printable Easter Cards and More | Free Printable Friday

Here for your downloading pleasure, three sets of freebies found around the web!

Free printable Easter cards, gift tags and egg holders by tinyme
Free printable HERE

Carrot treat cones by Lisa Tilse of the red thread
Free printable HERE

Free printable Easter egg stickers by Claire of Fellow Fellow (via)
Free printable HERE

Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what do you do? We haven't typically given the boys gifts, but they're in need of bike helmets and I'm wondering if we can tie in the message of bicycle safety with the gift of salvation (#toofarastretch? #dubiouschristianmetaphors).

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April 17, 2014

DIY Easter Basket Filler

For the ambitious (or craft store averse) among you, find three ideas for making Easter basket filler at Oh Happy Day. Scraps of wrapping paper would also be nice for this as well.

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{Image by Kathleen Ballos for Oh Happy Day}

April 15, 2014

Imaginary Tweets: Spring Break Edition

Big N is on spring break from preschool and I was a little apprehensive about all that unstructured time. But so far, so good, even if we're only 2 days in! Yesterday's activity: unwrapping 80 rolls of toilet paper and stacking TP towers.

Trying Naturebox to mix up preschool snacks (affiliate link). These and these are the boys' favorites so far, and I may or may not have added chocolate covered almonds for myself.  : )

We have FOUR bags in pearl barely in the pantry (long story). Any recipe ideas??

After seeing this and this I tried putting shredded carrots and coconut milk in our morning oats. I like it!

Above: Little N's scribbles for his cousin's birthday card. I love the colors he used.

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