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January 11, 2010

5 Minute Upgrade: Paper-Covered Gift Basket

The idea for this series was born when a friend requested quick ways to make a gift look nice before running out the door. Want more? Click here to see every 5 Minute Upgrade post to date!

When giving a group of small gifts, it's nice to have some kind of container to hold them. This is a super-easy way to make a paper-covered basket!

Start with a clean container. This little box used to hold mushrooms from the grocery store. Set the container in the center of a piece of tissue paper. I happened to use a dip-dyed piece of packing paper. Any soft, thin paper should do.

Fold the edges of the paper into the center of the container, pressing them over the edges. Work your way around until all the paper is folded in. The whole container should be covered, and there should be a nice bed of paper in the middle of your basket to place your gifts!

If the container is still showing, use a bigger piece of paper. If there is not enough room inside the container, trim your paper down so there is less stuffed inside.


This particular gift was for my Japanese friend M., who is living here with her family as her husband does research at Caltech. We met through a playgroup. I love getting together to talk as our children rabidly consume snacks.

Faithful Gifted Blog readers will recognize the fabulous paminboots gift wrap. Since M. has been writing a food blog about her home cooking, I thought it would be fun to use the mushroom paper for her presents (a handmade lip balm and soap). As a fun touch I put the card in a sesame seed box instead of an envelope.

Blog note: This post converted a Wrap Story into a tutorial. What do you think? Does this hybrid work, or should I keep the tutorials more distinct? I am rethinking the Wrap Story series as I try to make The Gifted Blog more useful.

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  1. I enjoyed your gift wrapping as much as the gifts themselves! The mushroom paper and gift box are still displayed at my kitchen. ...And I never noticed both of them are related to mushroom!

  2. Aw, you saved it!? I am so honored.

    And yes, isn't that funny that the box was a mushroom box?


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