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July 29, 2009

Wrap Story: Breakfast Surprise

This Wrap Story is part of a mini-series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here for the whole series!

When I started to collect stories for Gifted, I made a commitment to document every gift I wrap (thanks for the idea, Lisa!). So far, so good. So even though this particular Wrap Story is a little cheesy, I am including it anyway.

G. and I celebrated our second anniversary recently, and, as usual, I was scrambling a bit to figure out how to wrap his presents. I don't really know how to explain the gifts I got him, so maybe I will just show you:

The gifts are a pair of his-and-hers Japanese back scrubbing cloths*, a box of Pocky and a box of green tea-flavored cookies. While we were staying at my grandparents' in the Bay Area a few weeks back, we used the back scrubbing cloth they had in the guest bathroom. It was amazing! It's a long, skinny rectangle of abrasive nylon material, and it exfoliates like nothing else. G. had commented on how awesome it was so I really wanted to track one down for him (and for me, hee hee). The Pocky and cookies were just for fun.

I can't remember how the inspiration struck, but I got the idea to put the gifts in a cereal box. Before I married G., I had cereal maybe once a week. But after we got married, it was on the table every morning. And not just one box, but two different kinds at the very least. I had a friend in high school who ate cereal as a snack. Weirdo, I would think. And now? I am that weirdo.

But I digress...

My wrapping jobs for G. are usually more of the quick-and-dirty variety, so I put the gifts in the box without any tissue paper or anything. I did, however, customize the box:

Cheesy, see? Good thing G. has the graciousness to appreciate my sense of humor. [Side note: I realized later it would have been even more awesome with our heads on the box instead of the models'.] I was further tickled by realizing I could put the box out with the rest of the breakfast stuff the morning of our anniversary. Which is exactly what I did.

On opening the box, Greg, expecting cinnamony goodness, was like, "What the...?" He laughed when he realized it was his present. He laughed again when I took a closer look and realized what the cookies are called:

He then confessed that when he opened his present his first thought was, "Dang it, we're out of Life!" Luckily, we had a back up box.

* Text on the more masculine-looking package reads: "CURE series - Today, also my skin is healthy and smooth. Continual use makes me beautiful everyday."


  1. you and greg are so cute with your little gifts!! i love it! greg must be asian on the inside, he has a knack for fun, cute stuff...


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