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August 5, 2009

Tutorial Tryout: Grocery Bag Pom-Pom

Tutorial Tryouts are my reviews of DIY gift wrapping ideas from the internet and other sources. Click here for the whole series!

My first exposure to the Creature Comforts blog was the author's awesome "Chic for Cheap" series. I was happy to see that Ez not only puts together  great outfit ideas, but has several free tutorials, including gift wrapping ideas!

This particular how-to from her blog reminded me of wrapping gifts after a trip to Laos and Thailand in high school. Almost every purchase of silk scarves or jewelry at the market was given to us in a small, colored plastic bag. Inspired by the translucent pinks, yellows and blues upon returning, I improvised bows by fringing the plastic and gathering them into little puffs.

The Creature Comforts tutorial gives instructions on how to make a much fuller pom-pom out of a plastic shopping bag. It was easier than it looked, especially because precision is not essential! In summary, you cut the bag into two long strips, then loop and cut those strips to make the pom-pom.

I used a Stater Bros. produce bag left at our apartment by babysitting friends. (Yes, friends, I pulled your bag out of the trash.) Since it's smaller than your standard shopping bag, I imagine it made a smaller pom-pom. I realized since my hand is small it affected the size anyway.

Apologies for the picture quality. It's one downside of getting excited about a project after sundown...

After a few snips and fluffs, I had my very own pom-pom gift topper!

I like the way the thin plastic of the bag looks - a little more translucent than a regular grocery bag. I think this gift wrapping idea would be nice even without all the bright printing. I do feel this kind of gift decoration would have to be used for the right person. Someone who would appreciate its previous life in the produce section!


  1. I love anything that is recycled, or used sustainable materials...I will collect plastic stuff for you that is colorful, maybe you can use them for things...I am convinced that plastic is evil, but if we can use it to create art, then that would be awesome!

  2. Thank you, Sora!

    My mother-in-law had these skinny plastic bags that the newspaper had come in. They were all different transparent colors. She saved them in case we needed them for diapers, but all I could think about was the pom-poms they would make!

  3. i really really like this idea. i'm going to try it out.

  4. Let us know how it goes! I would love to see a picture.

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  6. thanks for finding me :) i'm featuring your blog under my section "blogs by inspired individuals"

    ::high five::


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