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September 21, 2009

Gift Wrapping Arsenal: Gift Tags

Gift Wrapping Arsenal is a mini-series on the items I personally find essential for gift wrapping. As you'll see throughout my blog, there is an emphasis on versatility, thrift, and style! Click here for the full series!

If you've been following this blog for long, you are well aware by now that I am a fan of kraft paper. It's neutral, sturdy, and a great foundation for all kinds of variations.

However, the downside of its versatility is that it doesn't exactly scream "Merry Christmas!", "Happy V-Day!", or "Happy Birthday!". It's just brown, you know?

One nice thing to have on hand is a variety of gift tags to go with your plain wrapping paper. On some occasions it's appropriate to write out a card, but for big gift-giving occasions like Christmas, a simple "to" and "from" is all that's needed. And that's what tags are for! I keep my tags in an envelope and store it with my ribbons and miscellaneous gift boxes.

I made these from a variety of paper sources - promotional postcards, a holiday greeting card, art exhibition announcements, and a wedding invitation that was too pretty to toss. Any heavier-weight paper can work. On some I've glued a blank rectangle where the to/from will be written. I used a standard 3-hole punch to make the holes.

Instead of having lots of rolls of paper on hand, why not have a variety of gift tags that can be used for different holidays and occasions? Admittedly, I'm still figuring out the best way to attach them to gifts - I sometimes have to have to knot the ribbon a bit awkwardly. But I still like using these to add a bright and personal touch to presents!


  1. Hi Gifted-

    I'm sending a friend a care package. Any ideas of how to spice it up?

    Also, can you put a link somewhere on your righthand bar to your introduction page?


  2. Hi Sha!

    How fun. If the care package has multiple components, it might be fun to wrap each thing individually.

    Or...Do you remember the gift I got from my in-laws at the Seattle baby shower? Each thing had a cute label referencing what the item would be used for ("For his milk" for a bottle, etc).

    You can also wrap each thing in a coordinating theme (the Sunday comics) or contrasting (different papers or fabrics).

    Mia also just told me she wrapped a teapot in a dishtowel!

    Thanks for the suggestion to link to my introduction. I will look into that - I have also been meaning to write an "About" page, but it hasn't been high on my priority list. Thanks for making me think of it!

  3. ooo good ideas. thanks! everything is japanese or coffee-related, so the tags might be redundant ("japanese snack for your cravings." "more japanese snacks for your additional cravings." etc.) I think I'll go with wrapping things individually.

    Yes, and "About" section would be good.

  4. Super cute tags! Plus it makes me feel better that someone else likes to hang onto random pretty scraps of paper thinking... "one day this might be useful."


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