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September 30, 2009

Inspired By: Lupin of Bugs and Fishes

This Inspired By post is part of a mini-series on the things and people that inspire my gift wrapping. Inspiration can strike at any time!

In one of my first rounds of internet research in starting The Gifted Blog, I stumbled upon these amazing gift wrapping ideas by Lupin of Bugs and Fishes and Lupin Handmade. I was stunned.

It's a pleasure to find a fellow gift wrapping enthusiast, even if their gift wrapping ideas totally kick the butt of my gift wrapping ideas. Above are some images from gifts she wrapped using second-hand wallpaper. I almost gasped!

Here are some more using metallic cake-decorating ribbon contrasting with kraft paper.

And finally, some ridiculously cool-looking gifts using names and typeface for decoration. I really love these.

For all of Lupin's gift wrapping ideas to date, click here. She has definitely inspired me to take things up a notch with these labors of love. I'm sure it won't be long before some of her ideas sneak into a Wrap Story.

Lupin, thank you for sharing! You've elevated gift wrapping to an art.


  1. Aw, thanks so much for mentioning my wrapping projects! Do let me know if you use any of them for your own gifts :)

  2. Of course! They're so cool, and obviously made with a lot of enjoyment. I love seeing the work of someone who loves gift wrapping as much as I do...always so fun.

  3. Beautiful! Love how embossing can make things instantly elegant!


    P.S Speaking of embossing, you must see this!

    Found you on pinterest!

  4. We don't do much gift wrapping these days, but I think your use of recycled materials in beautiful ways is delightful.


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