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October 29, 2009

Kraft Paper Retrospective

While searching through old photos, I came across a few gift-related pictures I took before I started The Gifted Blog. I was amused to find evidence of my two rolls of kraft paper in action over the past two years. I purchased them at a dollar store and used the last of it to make the celery-stamped gift wrap. While it's hard to believe those rolls lasted two years, I don't think it's an exaggeration.

I realize at some point I'm going to have to buy new paper, but, in fond remembrance of this kraft paper, I give you a modest retrospective!

Here's the dining table in our old apartment strewn with gift wrapping  stuff.

These two are of G. opening a gift two Christmases ago. I gave him - don't laugh - a bottle of castile soap. Unwhimsical and utterly practical, I know. This is a man who told me the best gift he ever received was a suction-cup soap holder to go on the wall of his dorm shower.

Here he is opening a Father's Day gift last year. He wasn't a father yet but we were expecting. I gave him a styptic pencil, which staunches minor cuts, to use in his shaving routine. I was happy to find something to combat a pet peeve of G.'s (i.e. shaving nicks).

And finally, here's a gift from G. to me, packed in a basket we took with us on an anniversary trip to San Diego. Note the childbirth book - we were a couple months away from our due date!

Kraft paper, you have served us well. Here's to many more gifts wrapped!


  1. so funny, i saw the bottoms of Greg's shoes and cringed, immediately thinking, OMG, they're so close the GIFT! I am becoming totally Thai. i must avert my eyes.

  2. Ah!! You are! That never crossed my mind.

    Is it disrespectful? Unclean?? I'd love to hear more about Thai gift-giving customs.


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