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October 19, 2009


Our beloved baby turned one!

This little boy has brought so much joy to our lives, and we were very happy to celebrate him. We thought we'd throw a party, but when we thought of all the people in his life that we'd want to be there, it sounded overwhelming.

So we had a pretty normal, but celebratory, day. We snuggled in bed after he woke up. We opened presents with him throughout the day. We had a fun playdate. We also gave him his own piece of cake.

He ate it in about two bites. I really like the expression on his face.

He didn't really understand the present-opening part, but because this is a blog about gift wrapping, of course I have to mention it. Here is a selection of N.'s birthday presents. (No offense to those that didn't make the picture! These are just the ones that were around for my daytime photo shoot.)

In the back left you can see a gift from my dad's parents. This one had a tag with a little origami onsie on it - I think my grandma must have gotten it at a craft fair. In front of it is a gift from my parents. My mom put the gift in chartreuse tissue paper and collaged N.'s name on it, ransom-note style (but cuter, since he wasn't being held captive, and also since she used a Japanese illustration for the second letter).

In the front center is a present from my in-laws, wrapped in the Sunday funnies. How fitting that the kid-centered For Better or For Worse and Family Circus are the ones on the front! (Not that N. would have minded, but I don't think Doonesbury would have had the same effect...) The dancing hamsters in the back are a 'talking' card that had a message recorded from them embedded in it. N. loved this - the first picture in the post is him flapping this card around.

Last but not least is a gift from my aunt, uncle, and cousins. It is wrapped in a plastic gift bag decorated with stars. They brought it all the way down from Seattle, and the bag struck me as another wrapping item that can withstand travel well.

Happy birthday, baby! We look forward to another wonderful year with you.


  1. Happy birthday, baby!!! He's adorable in those pics! I should come by and a do a 1 year old photo shoot for him. You know, the ones where the baby rests his hand on his chin? With the cheesy backdrop?

  2. Thanks, you guys!

    Lisa, we would love to have such a photo shoot take place. I think owning a cheesy backdrop would only further secure your status as a real photographer.
    : )

  3. He looks great!! Happy birthday N!!! Much love to you1!

  4. Wow, he looks really happy! I hope his happiness and healthy life, too!

  5. Love these pictures! Glad you got to celebrate him in a sane, enjoyable way.:)

  6. n - thank you for gifting us with you!
    or is that, charissa and g, thank you for gifting us w n ;D


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