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October 21, 2009

Tutorial Tryout: Ramen Ribbon

Tutorial Tryouts are my reviews of DIY gift wrapping ideas from the internet and other sources. Click here for the whole series!

If you haven't caught the undercurrent of thrifyness running through The Gifted Blog, I'm about to officially out myself.

This frugal gift wrapping idea is from The Complete Tightwad Gazette III. When she heard about my extracurricular reading, my friend said, "Charissa, you are cool, but if you think something is useful you will use the most frumpy things." I can't deny it.

But doesn't this look amazing? I made it from a ramen package! Here is the reader tip.

We don't buy chips, so I used what we had on hand. G. bought a multi-pack of these noodles on his last trip to Ranch 99.

I cut the top and bottom off a package and opened it flat. Then I cut it into strips. I thought about cutting in a spiral as mentioned in the reader tip, but it seemed like the packaging seam would create irregularities in the ribbon.

Then, treating each strip like curling ribbon, I pulled it taut along the scissors blade.

When all the strips were curled, I gathered them and held them in the middle. Then I used a strip to tie them together.

And that was it! Truly, a gift wrapping idea I never would have thought of on my own. I really love how the packaging printing shows through as the ribbon spirals. The bow is full and lush, yet there's a hint that there's something quirky going on. It would be fun to see what this looks like with the printed side facing out.

What do you think? Is this creative gift wrapping at its best or a little too frugal for your tastes?


  1. You had me at Pocky.
    It's amazing; the ramen package really looks like ribbon, you can't tell at all that it's Shin Ramen! But I think it might be too much for the box of pocky?

  2. Mm...constructive criticism.

    Point taken. It's definitely an oversized bow for the Pocky box. I was just tickled to be using two Asian food packaging elements!

    1. Point not taken 4 yrs later. The bow was a perfect size and the great design brought me here.

  3. awesome! Next i want to hear a tip from The Miserly Mom.
    love lex
    PS. I don't know if "Asian food packaging" and "too much" can be used in the same breath.

  4. I love the ribbon idea, and I'll take your Pocky gift any day!

    I didn't know there was a Tightwad Gazette III, I only have the first 2 books. Thanks for that tip as well!

  5. Hi Lex - You're too much. : )

    Unfortunately, I didn't glean any good gift wrapping tips from Miserly Moms. But I can tell you how to cut your grocery bill by 30% with a single miserly technique! (Admittedly, I think you'd have to live in the States for it to be applicable.)

  6. Oh gosh, I <3 this! Will have to bug my roommate (who is a bit of a ramen fiend) to save some of her wrappers for me this year. Think they would work for this tutorial ( from How About Orange?

  7. [...] but suffice it to say I’m relieved when November rolls around every year). Found an AWESOME tutorial for Ramen Wrapper Ribbons on The Gifted Blog today. Am wondering how well it would work with How About Orange’s lovely [...]

  8. Silverkeys - I like the way you think! Please let us know if you end up doing those bows with ramen wrappers. I have that very link bookmarked and am looking forward to when I can try it out myself. I have ramen and chip packages saved in the cupboard now...hopefully I don't become a hoarder. : )

  9. Love this idea! I will try to remember it next time I'm wrapping something up. I knew I was saving mylar bags for some important reason...


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