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November 13, 2009

Free Idea Friday: Make Your Own Tags

As you may have read in my Gift Wrapping Arsenal post about gift tags, I like to keep a variety of handmade gift tags on hand.

I am kind of big on getting things ready in advance. I like brainstorming a person's present options in advance. I like packing snacks for plane trips in advance. When a particularly hectic morning is around the corner, I like setting out the breakfast stuff in advance.

But back to the tags.

A new friend came to our apartment with her daughters for a playdate and kindly brought these blueberry shortbread cookies. They were eagerly eaten by small (and adult-sized) mouths.

Seeing the beautiful packaging, I sensed a crafting opportunity! I cut rectangles, using as much of the box as I could. Some I simply punched at the top with a 3-hole punch. Others I added bits of paper to to make a space to write the to/from.

It was in this process that it finally dawned on me that the shapes on the packaging mimicked the shortbread ingredients - blueberries and almonds! Of course, if you don't have a Trader Joe's nearby to get this exact box, you can use any interesting food packaging to make your tags.

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