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November 24, 2009

A Gifted Christmas: Gift Brainstorming I

With the holidays approaching, I was overwhelmed by all the things I could write about regarding gift wrapping. So, I am scaling it down to a mini-series called "A Gifted Christmas" to keep track of my own Christmas gift-wrapping preparations. I hope you'll join me! For more, click the "Christmas" link in the right-hand column.

Though I can't say I'm any better than the average person at it, I do enjoy thinking of what to give as Christmas gifts. Since I can't plan the gift wrapping if I don't know what I'm giving, some of the first posts in this series are about how to brainstorm gifts for your loved ones.

1) Pay attention to their hobbies and projects. My mother-in-law is a Spanish teacher and loves collecting Mexican, specifically Oaxacan, folk art. The photo above is just part of their beautifully decorated living room. When I got her name for our Christmas gift exchange two years ago, I knew just where to head! The Folk Tree in our town carries just those kinds of wares, and I found her a mismatched but really cool set of black candle holders.

As you think about the person you want to get a gift for, think about the pastime or leisure activity are they into right now. Alternately, there might be a project they are working on - remodeling a room, refurbishing a car, training for a marathon, etc - that might inspire some good gift leads.

2) Think about their daily needs. My uncle was commuting to a seminary class several times a week and my aunt suggested getting him some 'driving snacks' for the road. I had fun putting together a sturdy box filled with various snacky foods and a simple, homemade trail mix.

What's part of the weekly routine for the person you have in mind? Is there a way you can help meet one of their everyday needs?

How are you going about picking presents this year? Let us know in the comments. And stay tuned - there are more gift brainstorming approaches to come!

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