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December 14, 2009

Gift Toppers Workshop Recap

It was a small thrill for me to teach my first workshop two Saturdays ago. Six lovely ladies and I crafted our way through 3 kinds of gift toppers, two of which featured recycled materials!

See, pretty exciting. Below, S. is giving her grocery bag pom-pom a trim.

Here we are carefully separating the layers of tissue paper flowers. One workshop participant went home and made a big pink version to hang as a decoration!

Group picture!

For the more fashion-forward, the gift-toppers double as holiday brooches. (Teasing.) Note the fancy ribbons on the left she made from a ramen package! (This time I'm serious.)

At the end of class each person got a bag to take home their goodies, which included a length of ribbon to kick off their gift wrapping practice. It promptly turned into an opportunity to test out the gift toppers! Here are H. and K. with their pretty pom-pom and blossom decorations...

and M., H. and S. with theirs!

It can be a bit of a panicky moment when you have to wrap a gift last-minute, so I was happy to send everyone home with their 3 gift toppers to use at a moment's notice. I heard that the Mylar wrapper ribbon above was used in a white elephant gift exchange for work two days later!

A big THANK YOU to my first gift wrapping pupils. They had great attitudes and made the workshop experience very fun.

My cousin asked if I would be up for teaching a private class to her and her friends. I think this would be a blast! If you are interested in arranging a workshop for yourself and a group of friends (or your book group, Bible study, family, etc!), please contact me at giftedmailbox[at]gmail][dot]com. I would be happy to discuss details with you.

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  1. I surfed in from rifferaff's blog post about KP, but I LOOOOOOOVE your pompoms! I'm going to do your tutorial this weekend! They look great!

  2. Hi brownstocking - Welcome, and thanks for visiting! I hope you have a great time making the pom-poms. If you have a chance, post a photo of the results on The Gifted Blog reader gallery: I'd love to see what you make!


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