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December 16, 2009

Gifted Reader Photos: It's in the Bag

A friend and reader recently sent me some photos and a great story about how his brother wraps gifts for Christmas.
In honor of your blog, I thought I'd share with you something unique that David, my brother, does for Christmas gifts.
[A] few years ago he bought felt/flannel/some-sort-of-fuzzy-cloth bags at a store, for something like $2.50 a piece, and each bag is a different design. They all have a draw-string that he just cinches closed and that's that. So what he does is recycles the bags every year -- after he's "wrapped" the gifts and given 'em to us, he takes the bag back for refilling for next year.
It's a pretty nifty idea since it makes wrapping a cinch (hah!...pun!) and you can play the "eco" card since there's no trash year after year.
What a convenient and festive idea! I can totally see the appeal of not having to give a second thought to Christmas gift wrapping and just pulling these out with the rest of the Christmas decorations. After reading the description of the bags I wasn't anticipating how cute they would be.

Reusing gift wrap has a bad rap, but done this way it becomes a tradition! Are you putting any reusable gift wrap to use this year?

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