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December 9, 2009

Wrap Story: For An Extremely Attractive Iowan

This Wrap Story is part of a mini-series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here for the whole series!

I am not a huge risk-taker when it comes to buying presents. So I was kind of excited to get this shirt for G.'s birthday, because:
1) he hadn't specifically requested it, and
2) it's pretty funny.

I rolled up the shirt and wrapped it in tissue.

Then, straight into the paminboots gift canister it went! It took all of 3 minutes. Ah, the sweet satisfaction of planning ahead.

It was icing on the cake to hear that this wrapping qualifies as "manly". G. noted its bold designs, neutral colors and dignified bow as markers of its man-appropriate look.

How do you wrap gifts for the men in your life?

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  1. I like the wrappped canister idea. And I like the new blog look too!

  2. Charissa! Where did you get that shirt? I know a couple of Iowans who would appreciate it! :)

  3. haha. funny shirt!

    you should check this out:

    it's daniel kiyoi's project

  4. Thanks, Luci! It's been cool to read about your own thoughts on improving your blog - it's given me some food for thought.

    Jessica - the shirt is from a company recently renamed Raygun: Their Iowa stuff is awesome (they're based in Des Moines), but customer service was lacking, unfortunately.

    Shawna - I'm so impressed with the site and tag designs. They will definitely get a mention here on the blog!

  5. Very cool. Definitely manly wrap. When I wrap my man gifts I usually use plain coloured paper (blue, green, etc) and sometimes I add a few embellishments like a Pirate sticker or something. But mostly I wrap for kids so that sort of comes out in my husbands wrap too.


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