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January 29, 2010

Best of The Gifted Blog

Last week was the 6-month anniversary of The Gifted Blog. To mark the occasion, here are my six best posts! I included a mix of personal favorites and popular stories.

July - Wrap Story: Breakfast Surprise
This gift is not going to win any prizes from Martha Stewart, but I like that this story is unself-conscious, silly and personal.

August - Wrap Story: M&M Bowls
I really enjoyed wrapping this wedding gift for my cousin and her husband.

September - Wrap Story: The Rose in Her Hair
Look how happy the bride-to-be is!
Runner-up - Inspired By: Lupin of Bugs and Fishes
This has attracted quite a bit of attention, I'm guessing from previous fans of Lupin's beautiful work.

October - Tutorial Tryout: Band Practice
Following another gift wrapping enthusiast's creative direction.
Runner-up - Wrap Story: Correspondence Kit for H. & J.
This story got a lot of feedback, not necessarily on the wrapping, but on the contents inside!

November - Wrap Story: Playing With Proportion
This was a gift where I pushed myself to problem-solve.
Runner-up - paminboots Product Feature
A reader favorite, both because of the funky mushroom gift wrap and the reusable gift box.

December - Gift Toppers Workshop Recap
A personal accomplishment for me, communicating my love of gift wrapping face-to-face instead of virtually.

It's been a great six months. Special thanks to my husband G. for supporting me (in two categories: personal and tech support, ha ha). Thanks also to Sarah, silverkeys, Hanna, Makiko, Luci and my sister for their insightful feedback and encouragement. I'm growing to understand the importance of collaboration in this endeavor.

I thank God for His divine, creative spark. The urge to create is a natural outcome of being made in His image. I really think that's why gift wrapping is so enjoyable for me - it's puts me in touch with my made-in-His-imageness.

Finally, thank you, readers, for joining me this past half-year. I appreciate your enthusiasm and participation. Blog lurkers, you're always invited to join the conversation - leave a comment and let us know you were here!


  1. you're welcome! keep up the good work, sissie!

  2. Congratulations! It's been a joy to read your posts and interact with you these past few months. Can't wait to see what's next for you and the Gifted Blog. :)

  3. Those are all great wraps. I must admit when I'm wrapping something these days, I think to myself "What would Charissa do?" LOL.

    But where is the one with the recycled foil wrapper that was featured on Craftzine? I looked for it on your blog and couldn't find that one. (That's how I found you)

  4. Thanks, ladies! You are very kind.

    Luci, the ramen wrapper ribbon is right here: Unfortunately, something has been broken with the Blogger search function (across all its blogs, from what I can gather) apologies if that's what made this post difficult to find!


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