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January 15, 2010

Free Idea Friday: Catalog Gift Wrap

For today's free idea I wanted to highlight the use of catalog pages for gift wrapping! This is a fast and colorful way to wrap a small present.

If possible, choose a page with an image that fits the occasion. We were recently invited to our neighbor's 1-year birthday party.  I used a page from an Anthropologie catalog to conceal a little book for the birthday boy. (Since when did they start selling children's stuff?)

I used fun tape from my sister to make to/from labels and secure everything in the back. Depending on the dimensions of your gift, you may have to wrap it on the diagonal as seen above.

And that's it! Not a new idea for sure, but one that might come in handy.

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  1. Great idea, and that photo is so cute! I found a beat up book of nursery rhymes and I've used those illustrations on a gift - but now I want to go through magazines and catalogs to find interesting photos and use your idea. Maybe I'll start a file.

  2. I can definitely recommend a file if you start collecting pages. I tore out some pretty Christmas-themed pages and forgot all about them. Found them later in a 3-ring binder pocket!

    I like your nursery rhyme book idea. It's a space-saving way to still wrap baby gifts with a "baby" theme.

  3. This is awesome! I did a lot of catalog page gift wrap this christmas (Mostly using one Ikea catalog). When my schedule gets a little hectic I'll post the photos to my blog / the Flickr pool.

  4. Hi Silverkeys - thank you!

    I'd love to see your Christmas gifts when you get a chance! I'm unsuccessfully trying to imagine what they look wrapped in Ikea pages. : )

  5. OMG, how adorable. I just LOVE it!!

    Wanted to mention, I had totally taken photos of Graycen's gift that I wrapped for his birthday with the intention that I would do a guest post. I'm so bummed that I don't love what I did, you know. But I would still love to do a guest post (hmm, lets see how many times I can use love in this post...ha). Regardless, I'm still up for the challenge. Only issue is that I start school next week and my time is already super limited. You may have noticed I post A LOT less. Here's what I'll say.. let me see what I can put together in the next 3 weeks.

    Again, LOVE this idea. Hee!


    PS. Congrats on the new digs.


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