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January 13, 2010

High School Diary Tells All

In high school, I kept a series of journals. I had the opportunity to peruse them when cleaning out my old bedroom (my Christmas gift to my mom).

I had to smile at one entry in particular about a Secret Santa gift exchange amongst the staff of our high school newspaper, The Messenger.
My Messenger Secret Pal, Manya, loved the presents I gave her!...She even guessed it was me when she saw the funky little tag I put on today's present.

I was positive my Secret Pal was a girl - I'd received a huge platter of Christmas cookies, modelling clay, and today Gelly Roll pens. BUT - at the end of the period this sweet junior, A.W., told me he was my Secret Santa! [H]e didn't have a Secret Pal, so he hadn't gotten ANY gifts...I was blown away by how he was able to put so much care and generosity into his gifts without receiving anything in return. And he told me he MADE the COOKIES HIMSELF, and it took him HOURS. AUGH! And he curls the ribbon on his gifts!
 Insights gained:
1) Even in high school, I was making "funky little tags" for gifts.
2) I was sooo modest!
3) Even then I knew that a man who could curl ribbon was noteworthy.

What about you? If you're one of those "gift wrapping people", have you liked to wrap gifts for a long time? It always amazes me that there are certain types who just love doing it.

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  1. I love that you posted pictures of your old journal entries, so nostalgic....

  2. Yes...I got sooo nostalgic rereading these! In high school so much of my creative and emotional energy went into journaling.

  3. Love this post! Old journals can be so funny.
    A man who puts that much effort into gift giving AND wrapping is a rare find.
    Todd and I are in a marriage seminar at church and last week we talked about love languages... so it got us talking more about how i feel so loved by gifts! He still doesn't quite understand/ feels intimidated by finding gifts, but he is learning...

  4. Love languages - good stuff!

    It's so interesting that what feels loving can vary so much from person to person. How cool you guys get to talk about this! And what a gift to have a husband who's up for learning...he's a keeper.


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