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January 22, 2010

Inspired By: Erin Jang

This Inspired By post is part of a mini-series on the things and people that inspire my gift wrapping. Inspiration can strike at any time!

My friend M. knows me too well. She sent me over to the blog of graphic designer and illustrator Erin Jang, and it's just my style! Most of her posts are about her super-sharp design work, but there are a few chronicling gifts given and received.

This sweet set of gifts was given to a friend preparing for her wedding day. Following the theme of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something new", Erin wrapped each gift in tissue and labeled it with simple tags. The "something borrowed" package contains borrowed words of wisdom about love and marriage.

The "something old" is a CD with a mix of classic love songs for the couple. Erin designed the cover using one of their engagement photos.

I really like how simple, yet effective, her gift wrapping is. The bright colors and her graphic handwriting are an appealing combination that reflect the tone of the contents inside. I usually get busy with thinking of how to embellish, but here Erin kept the wrapping simple and let her thoughtful presents speak for themselves.

Thanks for sharing, Erin! To see the whole post, click here.

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{Images via The Indigo Bunting}


  1. thanks for posting about this. i found more of her letterpress work at and i was really delighted. she does impressive work.

  2. I absolutely adore this idea!

    And I can honestly say that there's not many blogs which I really enjoy reading. But I love yours so much. It's very enjoyable indeed! Keep up the great work. :-)


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