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January 1, 2010

It's 2010...

Happy New Year!

This picture is of a small scene I came across while staying with my parents a couple weeks ago. It's a pile of paper flowers my dad mom* made to adorn Christmas gifts. I like how peaceful and clean this image is. It felt right for a post on New Year's day.

Are you making any resolutions this year? As I've been taking The Gifted Blog more seriously I am thinking of some blog-related resolutions. I'll share them next time.

In the meantime, have a great time ringing in 2010!

* My dad hacked my blog to take credit for the flowers! (So that's what the anonymous comment is referring to.) Very funny, dad. Now I know better than to remain logged in on your laptop when I visit.


  1. Happy new year to Charissa and her family. May your Gifted Blog continue to stimulate your creativity as a gift to the world and encourage the God given creative nature in others.

    P.S. Your dad is a very creative and funny fellow. My resolution is that I won't hack your website anymore.

  2. Very nice photo!

    I look forward to reading your blog resolutions. I'm going to share my goals on my blog as well, since I'm hoping that a public proclamation will help me stick to it better.

  3. i was a little disappointed i didn't receive any flowers on my gifts. they are elegant, yet manly.

  4. DuhBe - Great! I look forward to reading about your blog goals.

    Anonymous and Shawna - You're too funny. : )


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