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January 7, 2010

Reader Gift Wrapping Highlights, part 1

Image courtesy silverkeys.writes

After coming back home from our vacation, I was tickled to find 10 new images uploaded to The Gifted Blog Reader Gallery on Flickr. I had seen the one above on Silverkeys' completely impressive post on her holiday gift-giving. This image is of a thrifted tin filled with homemade baked goods. So gorgeous! To see more (and I know you want to!), click here.

Below is Luci's beautifully wrapped gift for her mom. I saw this one on her blog and was pretty excited by what she did. She took a cue from the sewn kraft paper packages I wrote about earlier and infused her own style.

Image via

The wrapping was originally a brown paper bag, and the tag is a free file printed on her home printer. So economical, yet beautiful! Read more about it on Luci's newly redesigned blog here.

Thanks, Silverkeys, and Luci, for the entertaining and inspiring pictures! If any of you have photos of past gift wrapping jobs, submit them to The Gifted Blog Reader Gallery pronto!

There are even more reader highlights to come, so check back in soon.

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  1. Oooh! Thanks for blogging about my gift wrap, and thanks for your post a few weeks back that made me remember to sew up that kraft paper in the first place.

  2. Thanks for the link! I'm so honored to have had my little project featured! :)

    Happy New Year,

  3. Hi ladies - Of course! It is so fun to see your creative work and have some kindred gift-wrapping spirits. : )


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