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January 18, 2010

Reader Gift Wrapping Highlights, part 2

The reader images keep coming in, and I am totally delighted! The lovely gifts above were wrapped by Hanna, who wrote an amazing post recapping her gift-wrapping bonanza with her husband. I am wowed by the spark and personality they infused into each present. I think she gives me way too much credit!

Images courtesy hanna-manna

The papers above were screenprinted by Hanna with a happy botanical pattern. I dig the blue/pink combination especially. Read all about it, including her assessment of the free gift tags she used, here.

Below is a recent photo Makiko added to the The Gifted Blog Reader Gallery. She took a Target ad and made these cute tags for her daughter's preschool teachers! I like how she used the paper so tastefully to get a nice pattern on the tags.

In a completely different vein, my friend S. dressed up a set of gardening supplies as a person. I laughed out loud! She writes, "We wrapped a shovel and big clippers to make the body. Then small clippers and a trowel to make the feet. Finally, we added gardening gloves for the hands."

I am loving the flip-flops and painted toenails. Some people might balk at wrapping such odd-shaped items, but S. made it into a fun (and funny) project!

Thanks, readers, for such great images and stories behind them. I am really excited to see your creative work!

For more inspiring reader photos, or to post your own, visit The Gifted Blog Reader Gallery on Flickr!

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  1. Love all of these ideas - feel free to share my felt gift wrap if you like! I'd be honored to be included.


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