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January 25, 2010

Wrap Story: Letterpress Baby

This Wrap Story is part of a mini-series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here for the whole series!

Our dear friends B. and M. are having a baby! We helped throw them a shower a few weeks ago. I have to say I am all for co-ed showers. They really don't have to be frilly affairs. Baby showers should be occasion for celebrating and supporting the couple!

But since I'm not writing a baby shower advice blog, on to the gift wrapping. I chose to take my own advice to showcase this adorable card from Fugu Fugu Press, the local letterpress shop I blogged about visiting in November. The top gift, a book, is wrapped in plain white paper secured with decorative tape (thanks, sis!).

As you can see above, someone in my family decided to help with the photo styling. Here are a couple close-ups.

The bottom gift, a swaddling blanket, is wrapped in turquoise tissue paper and sealed with the same cute tape. I decided to put it seams-side up so the pattern on the tape could play off the pattern of the card.

To top it off, a flash drive with a mix of lullabies!

I love how this gift turned out. It was fun to start with the card and work out from there, seeing what complementary colors and patterns I could find in my gift wrapping supplies. With an illustration as cute as that, it was nice to keep it unhidden by its envelope!

Have you wrapped anything for a baby lately?

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  1. Oh, this is so cute! I LOVE the color scheme. :) [I am getting a little into orange as an accent color and just recently sent a friend a b-day gift of stationery in turqouise, red, and bright orange].

    On a side note, I saw this post and thought you would like it:

    Are you familiar with that blog?

  2. i just checked out fugu fugu press-how adorable!

  3. the tape matched perfectly! glad you got to use it :)

  4. Hi ladies!

    Iris - Thank you so much. Your birthday gift sounds so cute. It's fun how you can play with bold colors on gifts - it's so low-commitment (i.e. even the most questionable color combos will get taken off anyway!). Thank you so much for the link - that blog is a new one to me!

    Hanna - Yes, Fugu Fugu is great. It's exciting for me to be so close to a handmade business that is doing such quality work. And their cards are sold across the states & internationally...really impressive.

    Sha - Yay! Me too. Thanks again for the well-chosen gift.

  5. That turned out so cute with the orange and turquoise. The close up photos showcased it nicely.

  6. Hi Charissa,

    I received your e-mail, and you may use it! Your site is right up my alley! Off to look!

  7. This gift is adorable! I love that decorative tape. And the flash drive tied on top is genius. Gonna have to copy that one!

    I love your blog and will definitely refer back to it when I wrap my next gift. You have some great ideas!!

  8. Anna M - Thank you so much. I appreciate your visit and would love to continue to receive your feedback! I can't take credit for the flash drive, actually...that was all my husband's idea.


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