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February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Matchboxes

These delightful Valentine's boxes come from inchmark, a new-to-me blog by the talented Brooke Reynolds, former senior art director for Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Kids. She made these last year for her kids' classmates by taping strips of paper around emptied matchboxes. I love how her son got involved, drawing portraits of his classmates to adorn the boxes.

I've said it before, but I can't wait until my son is old enough to do projects with me! (Though I guess I should add: no pressure, son. I will understand if you don't want to draw tiny portraits for me to tape around matchboxes a few years from now.)

I love how straightforward these are - at their simplest, you're just cutting out a rectangle and securing it around the box. And as you can see from the images, there are lots of variations to play with, too. These would be fun for tiny cards, a piece of jewelry, or, as pictured, a gift of small candies.

You can read more about Brooke's project right here on her blog. You can also find instructions for making your own right here. These include a free PDF of patterned paper in case you don't have any handy.

Are you making anything for Valentine's Day?

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{Images via inchmark}


  1. I am making Martha Stewart's valentine fortune cookies out of felt that hold hershey kisses inside.

    I am also making a special robot pillowcase for my husband, I'm into applique at the moment and I've upcycled an old shirt to make this one. We're having a hand made Valentines. He's making me bunny ears so that we can watch the Olympics!

    As to N and crafting, for some reason B will not craft with me, he likes the idea, but then he doesn't follow through. Maybe he's still too young, but he does craft and color at daycare... just not with me. Maybe I'm overbearing? I did force him to enter a coloring contest at the age of 2...

  2. How cute!

    I was initially very confused about the bunny ears - I was thinking, "To wear??". Ha ha!

    We honeymooned north of the border when the 2010 Olympics seemed so far off, but they were already busy with construction. Have a great time watching!

  3. You know, I thought that those were conversation heart boxes at first! A bit easier than collecting empty matchboxes.

  4. Isn't it great what a little paper can do? When I joined swapbot, I found out altered matchboxes has a entire following! who knew?

    My teenage daughter always wants to make things with my stash, but she's too messy and never puts things away. Grr. I told her she must make her own valentine cards this year. We'll see. As for me, I think I'll make some chocolate truffles and call it done. (I'm into the consumable gifts this year.)

    p.s. I liked Jennifer's comment above :-)

  5. do you think there is anything harmful about the chemicals on a matchstick? i was thinking how it might get in/on the candy... but it looks pretty!

  6. Jessica - Personalized conversation heart boxes would be a nice variation!

    Luci - I did a quick search for matchboxes on swap-bot...and wow, I had no idea. They make good sense for a swap, though. Standard sizes and easy to mail! Thanks too for your perspective on the mother-child crafting relationship. : )

    Shawna - Hm...I did notice that Brooke mentioned some commenters were concerned about this. She didn't mention any adverse effects on her kids' classmates, but I guess those who are wary should stick w/ non-edible contents.


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