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February 22, 2010

Wrap Story: Little Cloth Bag

This Wrap Story is part of a mini-series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here for the whole series!

Sometimes I feel a little self-conscious about wrapping similar-looking gifts, knowing I will be reporting on them here. I don't want to bore you!

I was comforted recently when my pastor was talking about the amount of time a musician puts into scales. It's technical work, not impressive or even something that can be a final product in and of itself. But when we are really into something, we will put our heart into practicing it until we improve. It was a good reminder that it's not about producing a masterpiece every time.

Onto the gift! Our lovely friend C. celebrated her birthday a few days after her son was born, and we gave her some Smartwool socks to cozy up in as a new mom at home.

I wrapped them in the homemade gift bag shown above and paired the gift with a card.

We were running off to the airport that morning and ended up dropping these in a little paper bag to hang on their doorknob! How lucky to be friends and neighbors.


  1. I love smartwool socks - they are so cozy, and especially useful to me now that we're deep into the bitter months of Indiana winter. The smartwools not only keep my feet, ankles, and calves warm and dry, but they don't make me sweat inside my boots like some socks do, and I can wash them in the machine without fear of felting them! My mom recently accidentally sent me a pair of oversized men's smartwool socks that she'd bought for my grandpa (they got mixed in with other clothes she was sending). No matter; they're slightly big, but I wear them all the same and they are my absolute favorites.

    Hm, sorry to sound like a Smartwool ad. I just wanted to say that I applaud your choice of gift! :)

  2. You're in Indiana! I don't know why I never caught on to that...

    No need to apologize for the effusive Smartwool sock praise. Our whole family is into them - a few years ago I gave Mia a few pairs for our cousin's Christmas gift exchange!

    I can't remember if I've written about it here, but my grandpa started wearing my mom's pair of Smartwool socks when she left them at my grandparents' house. He liked them so much he went online, found a retailer and bought more. Not bad for an octogenarian!

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