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March 24, 2010

8 Gift Wrap Ideas for Gift Wrapping Haters

Image courtesy Merriment Design

When I began The Gifted Blog, I was really excited to help people enjoy the process of gift wrapping. For most of us, it's a rare occasion in our everyday lives to be creative. The more I wrap gifts and write about it, the more I realize how versatile it can be.

So if you hate to wrap gifts but wish you didn't, take the things you do enjoy and incorporate them into your gift wrapping practice!

Finish this sentence: "I hate wrapping gifts. I'm more of a(n) ________."
1) Engineer. Try constructing your own box, like this one made with recycled goods. Or for efficiency's sake, build a rip cord into your wrapping.
2) Knitter. Make your gift a muffler instead of using ribbon.
3) Computer programmer. Instead of a card, put a website address where your gift recipient can view a page made for them!
4) Baker. Tie a baggie with a cookie or other treat on top in lieu of a bow.
5) Impulse shopper. Use the sleeve of last season's sweater to wrap a bottle of wine.
6) Photographer. Put a photograph of the gift recipient (or a related photo, as above) on your gift to serve as tag and decoration in one!
7) Writer. Write a note or poem directly onto the wrapping paper. Use a thicker pen for best results.
8) Prankster. Wrap your gift in duct tape. Probably use some discretion with this one.

I hope these ideas free you up to play around and enjoy! What other unconventional ideas do you have that might make gift wrapping more fun?


  1. I love this post!!! are you posting from japan?!? you're crazy. xxoo

  2. Aw, I'm glad you like it! It's a new format for me.

    I wrote some posts ahead of time so there wouldn't be a long silence during our trip. : )

  3. Oh, awesome! I hadn't thought of wrapping a gift in a poem/words. I like the idea. Maybe I should start using up some of my discarded handouts from workshop class . . . (i.e. someone else's poetry; I'd be too self-conscious to actually wrap a gift in my own rough drafts!)

  4. These are really neat ideas.

    I looked through the Somerset life magazine for the first time yesterday and they have several wrap and tag photos that you might enjoy. They made me think of you.

    Enjoy Japan!

  5. Really cute ideas, Charissa. Even for wrapping lovers among us!

  6. haha. I love this! Such creative differentiation for people with different interests! I hope you are well!

  7. @All - Thanks so much, everyone! I had a great time writing this one.

  8. Love these ideas, especially, using Street Sign Photography!


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