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March 17, 2010

That's Nuts.

Pun intended! (Cue laughter here.)

A new friend from church found occasion to give me this beautiful little acorn, hanging from a gold loop of thread. She is a graphic designer (among other things), a fellow Japanese-American, and shares my enthusiasm for How to Wrap Five More Eggs.

Check it out: the base of the acorn is removable!

I was charmed. There's a small, hollow space inside the base to store a memento, a tiny note, or whatever small thing you'd like. Here's the acorn with my fingers for scale.

My friend said that if you let the acorn dry, the inside will shrink and is easily removed. She added a little cork to the acorn top so it nestles snugly into the base.

Though I loved the images in How to Wrap Five Eggs, I hadn't found a way to incorporate the practice of using natural materials for packaging. I thought this was a really thoughtful and beautiful way to do it.

For now, the acorn has found a home hanging from an antique frame from G.'s grandma in our entryway. Thank you, K.! This was a really fun gift to receive.


  1. How beautiful! I love the way you've styled it in the last shot, too. The one simple, woodland form seems to be all the frame needs. :)

  2. Simple and lovely. Make me want one (with the yummy frame of course).

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Going through my Google Reader, I just got deja vu when I saw this Etsy listing:

    It's the same frame, no!?

  4. that friend is a keeper. what a perfectly lovely thing to do.

  5. hi charissa! this acorn gift is pretty great, and so is your blog. you're definitely inspiring me - especially the new year's resolution about being a better blogger.

  6. Amber: Agreed. I went from confusion ("An acorn?") to delight ("Ohhh, I get it!") when she gave it to me. So thoughtful.

    Bo: Aw, thank you! I bet you didn't know I've been following your blog for so long - I'm sure since before you were married! Please be in touch if you ever want to bounce blog (or business!) ideas off me. I totally benefit from that kind of dialogue!


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