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April 12, 2010

From The Gifted Blog Reader Gallery

I wanted to highlight some of the newest additions to The Gifted Blog Reader Gallery, the space for readers to show off their gift wrapping!

This cheerful submission is from beautifuliving. I love the oversized ribbon paired with the bird print. You can see more of this gift wrap in her very cute paper-covered tea tin post.

Here, M. neatly folded these baby outfits, then adorned them simply with yarn and ribbon. I like the contrast of colors and patterns between the clothes and ribbons.

Have a gift you're proud of wrapping? Snap a photo and submit it today! It's straightforward to do - just look for the "Add photos" link.

For more ideas and inspiration, see all the photos in The Gifted Blog Reader Gallery here!


  1. very cool. i think the reader gallery is a great idea.

  2. Thanks, Bo! I actually saw the photo of baby gifts you took a long time ago at the shower you helped to throw. Did you wrap those? I thought it was beautiful; feel free to submit it if you have a chance!


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