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April 21, 2010

From My Mom

My mom gave me a present on Valentine's Day. Remember these flowers she was making for Christmas gifts? Well, I got some of my own!

The flowers came tied around a paper band that easily slipped off the package beneath, leaving everything intact (and possibly ready for a second use!).

Inside was this:

A stellar example of letting the contents of your package inspire the gift wrapping. Thanks, Mom.


  1. Hi. It's been awhile since I got to visit your blog. I love the how you wrap the present. I like the layers and simplicity. It reminds me of the Japanese Kimono, the part wrapped in the waist (is that called an obi...pardon my ignorance).

    I wanted to invite you on our anniversary celebration. 20 More Things turns one year and we're giving away stuff. Hope you join us. Thanks. See you around.

  2. beautiful!!! good job sharon!

  3. Hi insidethehemisphere -
    Congratulations on your blog anniversary! It takes perseverance and a level of commitment, doesn't it? I can't take credit for the wrap - my mom did it - but you are spot-on with the obi observation!

    Hey Lex!
    I know! (Mom, are you reading?) : )

  4. Hi. Thanks for dropping by our site and joining the celebration. Yes, it does take perseverance. At points I wondered if I could stay at it, but celebrating one year is something I'm happy about. Hopefully I can improve the site and make it better this year. :D thanks again.


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