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April 26, 2010

The Gifted Blog Featured!

I have been meaning to break the news that The Gifted Blog's Double Ruffle Gift Topper is now featured on Giver's Log!

Feast your eyes on an amazing collection of gift wrap ideas here. Then head over to the Giver's Log gift guide to see the acorn gift I blogged about, amongst many, many other cool gift ideas.

I stumbled onto Giver's Log via Oh, Hello Friend and was floored. AmberLee blogs about gifts given, received, and wrapped. She is a thoughtful gift-giver, a DIY fiend, and a gift wrapping organizer extraordinaire.

A link to her site immediately went on my Google Chat status: "this is like my blog's alter ego!"

Only better.

AmberLee, you write a mean blog. Thanks for featuring The Gifted Blog on Giver's Log!


  1. Congrats, Charissa! That is huge! I love Giver's Log.

  2. Jessica -
    Thank you so much! I'm pretty excited.
    (And did you know about Giver's Log before this post? If so, you're in big trouble for not telling me about it!) : )

  3. Aww, I thought that you already would have known about it so I didn't mention it. I have definitely gotten some gift ideas from there in the past! Will definitely send all gift-wrapping related links to you in future. :)

  4. Charissa!
    Thanks for the link love. And you know I am so thrilled to have found you too.

  5. GREAT JOB CHARIS!!!! i miss u.

  6. how cool! giver's log has some cool ideas. also, i made paper flowers similar to mom's last night. i intend to put them on ribbons for some sakura-themed-omiyage

  7. Jessica - Oh, okay. I forgive you. : )

    AmberLee - Of COURSE! I bet there is much in common between our audiences. I am happy to send everyone here your way!

    Lex - Thanks, friend!! I miss you too. Will e-mail soon...

    Shawna - Wow, that sounds awesome. I was just thinking of all the cherry blossom decorations they had out in the malls/shopping areas. Will you take some photos if you have a chance?

  8. Wow - congrats! How exciting! :)

    Thanks also for the love you left us in the comments at the LR blog. I have not had time to post to my personal blog in ages, but Mia has told me that I should post pictures of a t-shirt that I refashioned after being inspired by your ruffle decoration post, so I'll try to do that once my life gets a little less crazy!

  9. silverkeys - Yes! Please, please post about it when you have a chance. Mia told me about it in Japan. She first saw it on you via Skype, right? So funny. : )

  10. Conglatulation! Wow, you are one of them!!


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