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April 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions: March/April Recap

Farewell, fair April! I'm here to check in on my 2010 resolutions for The Gifted Blog. Keeping these goals public has really helped me. Read on for my progress report, plus a new goal for the year!

1) Write a gift wrap tutorial. - Check!
- Easy paper-covered gift basket (Jan. 11)
- Double Ruffle Gift Topper (Mar. 10)
- Lovely Leaves Gift Embellishment (Apr. 9)
Whoo hoo! It feels great to have these under my belt. The Double Ruffle Gift Topper has quickly become one of the blog's most popular posts.

2) Write a guest post for a blog I admire. - Check!
- Interview: Charissa from The Gifted Blog (Apr. 5)
- Guest Blog: Reusable Gift Canister (Apr. 7)
- Guest Blog: 3 Fresh Ideas for Gift Wrapping (Apr. 9)
Many thanks to Chelsea for letting me take over for the week. It was a valuable learning experience and an honor to be asked! I'll share my take-away lessons on guest posting with you soon.

3) Teach another workshop. - In process
Finally (and in no small part because of this post), another workshop is in the works! Two friends said they'd like to take it together. Once we find a good time, you are all invited!

4) Learn from better bloggers. - In process
Instead of continuing with "31 Days to Build a Better Blog" by Problogger, I've been learning from other sources the past two months. I read Made to Stick and enjoyed it. The post 8 Gift Wrap Ideas for Gift Wrapping Haters was written with its advice on making your core ideas "stickier" (more effective, memorable).

5) BONUS GOAL: Improve blog photography. - In process
Thanks to a kind reader suggestion (see comments section here), I've been consciously working on my photography for The Gifted Blog. I was first humbled, but I realized that I do have much room for improvement! Have you noticed a difference?


  1. I've been reading you since the early days and I have noticed your blog improving by leaps and bounds but maybe it's not so obvious to you? I think the #1 advice most bloggers miss is that it takes patience and very few achieve overnight success.

    I went back and read the comments on photography. Silverkeys is absolutely right! Patience is the #1 key for blogging overall, but photography is the #1 secret for an artful blog such as yours. (I'm saying this as a blog reader, not writer because I'm not happy with my photos either.) The blogs that pull me back every day are the ones with beautiful pictures. People actually judge your creativity and expertise by the quality of your photos. It's a poor measure of judgement - but we all do it anyway.

    Speaking of the bloggers journey, have you seen the movie "Julia and Julia?" I loved how it showed all the trials and tribulations of a 1st year blogger.

  2. DuhBe - Wow. Thank you! Coming from you, these are real affirmations. It's funny that you can reference my "early days". : )

    I appreciate your drawing out the points about patience and photos. As I'm still in my first year of blogging, it's encouraging to hear that I need to stick with it.

    What you write about judging people's creativity and expertise by their photos...I never drew such a specific correlation, but you're right! Amateur photography makes even the best work look a bit amateur itself.

    Finally, yes, I have seen Julie and Julia, and loved it. Was especially encouraged by the support each woman received from her spouse.

    Thanks again for your comment - I appreciate your feedback.

  3. Congrats on meeting so many of your goals already!

    And yes, your blog photography has been beautiful as of late; keep up the great work! :)

  4. Charissa, the first thing I noticed when I visited your blog today was the gorgeous photos. I thought, 'wow, they are looking especially good lately'. Haha. And then I read this post and realised why! Well done - your effort is clearly paying off!

  5. silverkeys - Thank you! I appreciated your nudge towards improving the blog, and the links were especially helpful.

    Chelsea - Wow! My efforts have visible results. That is great to hear - thanks for taking the time to mention it. : )


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