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April 9, 2010

Lovely Leaves Gift Embellishment | Tutorial

I recently had opportunity to give my husband a gift. A really sweet, romantic gift. A toilet paper holder, actually.*

I had this gift decoration in mind for some time, inspired by Patricia Zapata's recycling projects. The fact that I was in possession of a new toilet paper rod was the chance I'd been waiting for.

Join me, won't you? All you need is a toilet paper roll (the aforementioned "ubiquitous mystery object") and some strong glue (I used Aleen's Original Tacky Glue). Flatten the tube, then cut it at 1/2" intervals to make leaf-shaped rings.

Make a free-form shape with the cardboard leaves by dotting glue on the side of a tube, then pressing it to another. Pinch and hold to give the glue time to set.

If you can, make the edges along one side of your structure flush with one another. Build, leaf by leaf, until you are pleased with the design.

Apply a thin line of glue to the edges you want to affix to your gift.

I put my gift in a paper bag, so I applied glue to only 3 leaves to accommodate its curved surface. Carefully press the leaves to your gift and hold until set. (This is where it is helpful to have flush edges - if your leaves are quite uneven, they won't all touch the gift's surface.)

And there you have it! A lovely, leafy gift topper.

As an added bonus, this one's practically free for the making, and strikes me as suitable for either gender. Would you try this? Or is it too weird for you to affix something related to the toilet to a present? Let me know in the comments!

* Backstory: We live in graduate student housing, a nice little apartment complex near my husband's campus. A few months ago, a painter came to do some work in G.'s bathroom. In the process of repainting, he removed the toilet paper holder and forgot to put it back.

You know those little things you mean to take care of right away, but you don't, and it becomes a bigger hassle the longer you wait? If G. had acted soon enough, it would have been simple to get in touch with the painter. But he didn't. And when we finally got around to looking for a replacement, we found we'd have to buy a whole toilet paper holding kit, when we really only needed that little rod.

I finally contacted the school's excellent Maintenance Department and said, "Hi, we're willing to buy a replacement, but if you have a spare toilet paper holder handy, we would really appreciate it." The next day the holder was delivered to our door. (We're kind of spoiled that way.)

And that's why I gave G. a toilet paper rod. Whimsical, aren't we?


  1. Hi Charissa!
    That is so lovely! I love the look of the "leaves"! I will definitely have to keep that in mind when I have to wrap something next. I also really loved your double ruffle topper from the tank top!
    :) Mika

  2. Thanks, Mika! I really appreciate your feedback. I hope you give it a whirl - it was so satisfying and simple to cut those little leaves.

  3. Looks great! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hanna - Aw, thanks.

    Patricia - No, thank YOU for the inspiration! I really appreciate your aesthetic and value for everyday materials.

  5. Olá
    Vim agradecer pela tua visita e comentário em meu blog de Receitas e moldes.
    Fico contente em saber que gostastes de vê o teu tutorial no meu blog.
    Ficas bem e com Deus

  6. @Sil Metelo - Claro que sim! Obrigado por dizer Olá. Eu me sinto envergonhado por ter deixado um comentário para você em espanhol em vez do Português. Por favor me perdoe!

    Thank God for Google Translate!


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