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May 26, 2010

A Little Flourish

I had the treat of meeting up with my friend M. for lunch at Saladang Song. This was a favorite "fancy" place to go in college, but I hadn't been in a long time. And right now, any meal out sans toddler is a minor holiday!

When we reached the end of our lunch specials and catching up, the waitress came out with the check and two teeny-tiny packages.

I forgot! They always bring you a dinner mint at the end of the meal, wrapped in a small square of cellophane and tied off with ribbon. I don't know whose hands do this intricate work - the ribbon was maybe a millimeter wide.

M. and I noticed the mints at the same time and had the same thought: photograph one for the blog! I have such good friends - they are getting as good as me at recognizing bloggable opportunities.

Surely this kind of 'gift wrapping' is rare, but have you noticed other businesses that add a little flourish to what they do? (Example: straw wrapper rose on How About Orange. Also from a Thai restaurant! Coincidence? I'll let the Thai culture experts weigh in on this one...)


  1. I love this! I love when something that could seem ordinary is transformed into a beautiful little present! (The fabulous alchemy of gift wrapping!!)

  2. C - I know who wraps them! I love the Saladang food and often get take out (b/c meals with toddlers....sigh) anyhow, the wait staff wrap them themselves at the front desk of Saladang in the bewitching hour prior to dinner rush! I was so impressed that they do this, it's such a special little touch and really compliments the meal.

  3. I forgot about that, too! I haven't been to Saladang or Saldang Song in a year and a half. Eddie and I went to eat at Chaya Brasserie in Beverly Hills/West Hollywood last month and they they gave us a cute little blueberry confit all wrapped up. Should've taken a pic to send to you! :)

  4. deepbluesea - The alchemy of gift wrapping, indeed! I'm going to have to remember that phrase.

    Jenn - Ah, the waitstaff! That's so funny you know what I'm talking about. I guess that makes sense; in my imagination there was a little old woman in the back doing all the wrapping.
    : )

    Jessica - Yes, I'd kind of replaced Saladang Song w/ Daisy Mint as my Pasadena Thai restaurant of choice, but it was nice to be back. The blueberry confit sounds lovely. (Now to Google 'confit' and see what that is exactly!)

  5. such a fun blog! if i could, i would gift wrap for a living. looking forward to reading up on more of your ideas!

  6. as a loyal reader and resident of thailand i will say: no coincidence!! I think attention to asthetic detail is one of the most outstanding traits of Thai culture.. part of why my slum is so beautiful is that most people will take every chance to add something beautiful to their environment.

  7. rosie - Welcome! I'm so glad you visited and left a comment. It's a coincidence; I was just introduced to ampersandity recently and saw right off that you're in the same group of friends. Small blogging world!

    Lexie - Thanks so much for your 2 cents. That's so interesting. I want to follow up with you and hear more, especially about how your community adds beauty to their environment. Maybe a series on gift wrapping around the world is next!


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