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May 19, 2010

A Reader's Progress Report

Remember this post about my childhood friend? At the start of the year she wrote:
I typically don't make New Year's resolutions, but you could say one of my goals for this coming year is to spend time making each gift that I give personal and special in the way it's wrapped. Hopefully I'll have enough of a decent turnout to send you pictures.
I'm glad to say I got a mid-year report, and C. allowed me to share her progress here!

She writes, "This is a gift I wrapped for my friend's baby shower...At first, I didn't think it warranted me showing you, because it's from a roll of wrapping paper. However, I decided to when I saw the submission from beautifuliving, which I loved. I recognized the paper from Snow and Graham, and realized it was okay if I used store bought paper.   : )

[Note to readers: I sincerely apologize if my kraft paper enthusiasm has left you feeling alienated. I would LOVE to see any gifts you've wrapped, store-bought paper or no.]

My friend's favorite color is purple, so I used leftover card stock from our wedding invitations and cut it out in the shape of a baby bottle for the tag, since I was giving her bottles. I initially penciled the lines of the cap on, but then decided to make it darker by using a silver pen. I found a bow in my wrapping stash from a gift I'd received, and reused that.

SO simple compared to what you're capable of, but I have to say I was pretty proud in the end."

Go, C.! This is so thoughtfully done. It makes me happy to read that she was proud of her work. We are living in a time when work and play are becoming increasingly virtual.  Let's reclaim the joy of working with our hands!

What have you wrapped recently? Tell us about it! Better yet, snap a photo and submit it here.


  1. this is cute! the color combo rocks too. i also like that it's not over-the-top with the baby theme either.

  2. Shawna - That's what I thought, too! It's sophisticated enough that the mom- or dad-to-be would enjoy receiving it, but still appropriate for a baby shower.

    Sometimes I think people forget that it's the expectant parents that will be opening all those gifts! (Though I guess there may be adults out there who like baby blue and pink. Let's not discriminate.)

  3. I know it's not green or environmental but I love me a fresh roll of gift wrap!! :)

    Great choice of paper (and color). I might need to steal the crisp green and deep purple combo.

    Might I add, I love the use of a spring theme for welcoming the arrival of a new baby.

  4. beautifuliving - Ha ha, you and C. are helping me appreciate a beautiful roll of wrapping paper. Thanks for inspiring my friend to participate in The Gifted Blog community in this way! I'm so glad she let me share this.


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