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May 5, 2010

Welcome, New Readers

Hi all! For those of you surfing in through The Lovely Blogger List, or for readers who've just joined us, here is a quick introduction to The Gifted Blog!

My name is Charissa, and I live in beautiful Pasadena, California with my husband and toddler-aged son. I started blogging a few months after my son was born. I had quit my job at an art museum and was looking for a new way to direct my energies.

I realized that of all the creative things I’ve dabbled in, gift wrapping is among the most satisfying. Every gift is like a blank canvas. There is lots of room to play with materials and experiment, and in the end you get to give the results to someone you love!

I am inspired by the idea of redeeming a discardable item. There's joy for me in taking a superfluous, throwaway item and making it useful.
I hope you'll take a look around if you haven't already! If you're curious about the images above, you can read more about them here: Gift Wrapping Arsenal: Gift Tags, Playing With Proportion, and Double Ruffle Gift Topper.

And let me know what you think - I love your comments. Enjoy!


  1. I love the celebrated double ruffle gift topper! And the colour contrast is just superb!

  2. Sil - Thank you for the visit and kind comment! I use Wordpress' tags feature to keep up to date with who is writing about gift wrapping. So please tag your next post - I'll look forward to seeing your work (or any more nice gifts from friends!).


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