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May 10, 2010

Wrap Story: Furoshiki for Friends

This Wrap Story is part of a mini-series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here for the whole series!
As you probably know, food is of utmost importance in Japan. Each region has a local style it is proud to call its own. The flavors, the seasonings, and the dishes themselves vary from place to place. Yaki yatsuhashi is a sweet, cinnamon-flavored cracker special to Kyoto. Crisp and flavorful, this was one snack that I took care to find on our recent trip.

I picked up a few bags in a shop near Kiyomizu temple. Then I circled back and picked up a few more. I'm so glad I did! When it comes to buying something yummy that can only be found abroad, you need to seize the moment!

I also found a pretty furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) in the same district. It's double-sided, and I immediately thought of our church friends when I saw the green, dotted pattern.

Back in Pasadena, it was time to wrap! I laid the furoshiki on the diagonal and centered the crackers in the lowest corner. Then I rolled it up, pausing to tighten the fabric after each turn.

With the loose corner of the furoshiki on top, I gathered the left and right sides firmly to make a knot.

This secured the package inside. A second knot completed the wrap!

As a final touch, I manipulated the knotted fabric to expose more of the contrasting pattern.

This couple writes a lot. We paired the yaki yatsuhashi with pens for their note-taking, journaling, to-do listing, etc!

What do you think?


  1. It looks great! What an amazing wrap! It would make my week to get that gift.

  2. i love the idea of wrapping gifts with cloth. the cloth itself is an extra gift.

  3. Marie - Thank you so much!

    bo - I bet you could do something lovely with this idea (wrapping with cloth). Let me know if you try it, and of course, take pictures!

  4. this looks great! it kind of looks like a bento box with chopsticks

  5. This reversible cloth is really nice! So cute with wrapping...

  6. Nice post and nice blog :) Thanks for commenting on my flickr :) *vaneea*

  7. I think the furoshiki that is right above with the crackers,is absolutley elegant. It cannot be compared to paper. I will go to the fabric store and buy some fabric and make some of these in different sizes. It is really hassle free. You don't need to match the ribbon. I love it. Rita

  8. @Rita - Thank you for your sweet comment! I've also enjoyed using vintage scarves as furoshiki. But I'm excited that you'll be making your own - I've found that I could often use bigger sizes than I already own, and you'll be able to make yours as large as you like!

  9. What a beautifull story.
    Would you mind if I would show one of your beautiful pictures in my blog?
    the one with your hand making a knot)
    (together with your name)
    Would be very generous,


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