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May 3, 2010

Wrap Story: Sweet!

This Wrap Story is part of a mini-series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here for the whole series!

As I mentioned before, a highlight of traveling in Japan was searching for gifts to give to our friends and family back home. I had this green tea chocolate in mind when we went to the grocery store to pick up an assortment of candies.

We got a green tea candy I'd had before at Baachan and Jiichan's (top). I couldn't resist a pack of classic Milky candies (yellow and pink wrappers). And for the novelty factor, we got some candies flavored like green tea shaved ice with condensed milk and sweet red beans (bottom). These ended up being pretty intense (i.e. one was enough for me).

We didn't know until we opened the package that there are dogs on each wrapper. Awesome.

I also hadn't made the connection that the "CUCU" on the package stands for "Cute Cube". Also awesome.

With candy this cute, I bought some clear bags at Michael's to let the contents show. The bags came with silver twist ties - super easy. I briefly considered folding paper cranes to put in the bags, but it didn't seem necessary. (Also, I envisioned the cranes getting tossed out with the wrappers. Not a motivating image.)

There were 100 in the pack and I doubt I used 20, so I hope there are opportunities to use these little bags in the future. I don't usually buy stuff like this, but I think these communicate "for you!" much better than a Ziploc.

Can you think of any other uses for these bags? How do you usually present edible gifts?


  1. I like how you let the candy wrappers speak for themselves. I think those cellophane bags are the right size for a single cookie? Yum.

  2. If those bags are cellophane they are biodegradable and therefore a greener options vs. the ziploc. Definitely cuter too!

  3. I wonder if the "CuCu" is also a play on or reference to the Chinese concept of QQ?!

  4. DuhBe - Cookies, nice. I'm not much of a baker, but we have some pre-made dough in the fridge right now!

    Mika - I totally thought of that. Does Danny Seo talk about cellophane in his book? I know I learned that recently. Unfortunately, I looked it up on the Wilton website, and they're plastic! So much for the "green" part of my tagline.
    : )

    Hes - It's so cool you know stuff like this! (I didn't know mochi didn't exist in Japan before China introduced the idea...and I also didn't know about muah chee; it is making my mouth water.) Since the shaved ice/red bean/condensed milk isn't really chewy, I doubt it's a QQ reference. But I'm glad I know about that now.

  5. So pretty! I love Asian candies and their packaging (Japanese ones are the prettiest,I think - my family always used to hit up Aji Ichiban whenever we were in Hong Kong). I've always wondered why American candies are packaged so blandly in comparison.

    At any rate, I am sure your friends will be thrilled to receive such beautiful and thoughtful gifts!

    I agree that the cellophane bags are much nicer than ziplocks would have been. :) As to other uses for them - I've seen people package handmade soaps and individual cookies in them, and they might make for a good way to present a mini packet of toiletries for guests staying overnight. They also kind of look like the kind of plastic pouch that, say, loose buttons or individual greeting cards come in, and you could use them with a folded cardboard tag stapled across the open top if you ever wanted to present things in "packets" -- say, for a shower or other themed event where there was a particular stationery set / design suite you wanted to keep with.

  6. silverkeys - Ahh, nice ideas! I hadn't thought of using them to package flat items...that could totally work. I like the way your mind works.


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