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June 4, 2010

By Request...

Based on reader response to this most recent workshop, I am offering another Gift Toppers Workshop in 3 weeks! There are 3 spots open, and this your last chance to take this class for just $15. What a deal!

The June Gift Toppers Workshop will be Saturday June 26th at my home in Pasadena. Each participant will learn how to make a recycled grocery bag pom-pom, tissue paper blossom, and Mylar wrapper ribbon (above) in an encouraging and fun class environment. These embellishments are yours to take home to jump-start your gift wrapping practice!

The workshop size is capped to allow plenty of individualized attention. The class would make a great gift, a creative date idea, or a fun outing for friends! You can read about my previous workshops here and here.

Questions? Leave a comment - I'd be happy to answer!

In short:
Saturday, June 26th
Pasadena, CA
10:00-11:30 am
To register, please complete the form below.


  1. us seattle-lites want one offered up here!!!!!

  2. Hi! You have an adorable blog - so many great ideas on here! That white flower is my favorite. Best of luck with your gift-toppers workshop, it sounds like lots of fun!

  3. Shawna - I'm definitely up for it! How's July 17th or 24th?

    Courtney - Thanks again for the visit! It's been great to get introduced to some of the other bloggers participating in Ez's series.


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