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June 2, 2010

Handmade Gift Wrapping Roundup

A small burst of posts about gift wrapping have come my way in the past month and I wanted to share. There is so much good stuff out there!

DIY Gift Wrapping Kit by Ez of Creature Comforts
Felt flower by reader Jantira
11 super-cute ideas at Ruffles and Stuff

Many thanks to readers and friends who sent links my way! I'm especially excited to learn about The Art of Gift Wrapping. Which idea is your favorite?

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  1. Thanks for all the inspiring resources! With birthdays and babies and father's day and you-name-it coming up, I am surely in need of a few spunky gift-wrap ideas. I'm full of them now ;-)

  2. "Brown paper packages tied up with string..."

    still a classic favorite in my book, and I don't mind hearing Julie Andrews singing it in my head the rest of the day

  3. wow, thanks for the link! also, I have something I want to mail you, can you email me your address??

  4. I really like the 11 ideas post. Using patterns is such a fun idea, and the shredding paper, too. So much more fun than buying tissue paper. Thanks for sharing... lots of birthdays and weddings this month!

  5. All - I'm glad you like the links! This is a new format for me; I'm glad to see it well-received. Please stay tuned for more resources; I'm bookmarking the best of what I see for the next roundup!

    Jantira - I'm intrigued! Will e-mail you soon.

    Betsy - Yes! Isn't that woman amazing? Her brain seems to overflow with new ideas...

    Please, if you can, take a few photos of your gifts! I'd love to see what happens with so many things to wrap in the near future.

  6. Thanks for sharing all these. I'm with DuhBe... "Brown paper packages tied up with string..."


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