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June 9, 2010

Karakusaya: Kyoto Furoshiki Mecca

Some tourists visit Japan to see Mt. Fuji. Others, to ride the bullet trains. Still others are there to eat themselves silly. My must-see? Karakusaya furoshiki store!

Owned by one of Kyoto’s oldest furoshiki manufacturers, this place is like a candy shop for gift wrap aficionados. There are displays scattered throughout the store to give you some ideas for using their square gift cloths.

I truly loved these modern-retro prints...

but there were styles to suit every taste.

Remember this furoshiki for my friend? I was so excited to see a table full of furoshiki by the same brand at Karakusaya. One of each, please!

My dad did us the favor of watching N. while my mom, G. and I ogled and admired the entire shop. N. found a saleslady next door to charm. When we went to find him, he was lying flat on the linoleum floor looking up with a Cheshire grin.

Some bright, reversible cloths.

So many kinds, so hard to choose! Many thanks to Kyoto Foodie for the recommendation to visit. We loved the shop and came home with some goodies for ourselves!

What did we get? Stay tuned to see our picks, as well as how to turn a furoshiki into a no-sew gift bag!

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  1. Wow...all of them are so lovely! surely look HARD to choose... looking forward to seeing your choice. :)

  2. I love your blog - the whole idea of it and your choices, especially the posts about furoshiki! I've been blogging about them too over at Happy wrapping!

  3. Oh, this is just too good to be true! Must must must visit! I can't wait to find some worthy furoshiki materials in Japan! I'll try to document it and make a post to share! Your blog is quite inspiring.


  4. @Zach - Totally worth a visit. And if you're interested in shibori, we ran into a shibori shop on the way to Karakusaya that blew my mind! Just let me know if you'd like it and I'll look for the name.

    A shop called RAAK/ENVERAAK got a bad rap on Kyoto Foodie, but I thought it was also a good one if you're interested in furoshiki. It had very contemporary, perhaps more casual designs. Unfortunately, I only got to browse for a bit before our bus pulled up to the curb!


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