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June 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions: May/June Recap

No joke - we are halfway through the year. Time to check in on my 2010 resolutions for The Gifted Blog.

1) Write a gift wrap tutorial. - Check!
- Easy paper-covered gift basket (Jan. 11)
- Double Ruffle Gift Topper (Mar. 10)
- Lovely Leaves Gift Embellishment (Apr. 9)

I'd like to make more, but tutorials don't come very naturally to me. Any requests?

2) Write a guest post for a blog I admire. - Check!
- Interview: Charissa from The Gifted Blog (Apr. 5)
- Guest Blog: Reusable Gift Canister (Apr. 7)
- Guest Blog: 3 Fresh Ideas for Gift Wrapping (Apr. 9)
A great learning experience, challenging in ways I didn't anticipate. If you missed it, here are 5 lessons learned as a first-time guest poster.

3) Teach another workshop. - Check!
So glad this goal is completed. Big thanks to my community for being great students. A Seattle workshop and a kids' class are (hopefully) on the horizon!

4) Learn from better bloggers. - In process
My progress with "31 Days to Build a Better Blog" by Problogger has been slow but worthwhile. I am very grateful to my friend Bo for giving me the heads-up about Creature Comforts' Guide to Better Blogging. Participating in the comments and message board has allowed me to have a fitting venue for the 31DBBB 'Day 9' task: join a forum and start participating.

I also really dug this article about increasing your blog subscription rate. Totally makes sense.

5) BONUS GOAL: Improve blog photography. - In process
My most valuable new piece of equipment? A 39-cent white poster board. You've undoubtedly seen it in many backgrounds already!

This blog is something I'm so excited to be growing in. But enough about me! How have you been taking steps in what you're passionate about?

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  1. You're doing way better on your list than I am on mine :)

  2. @kimberj - Aw, thanks. I actually think I went a bit easy on myself. What are some of your goals for the year?


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