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June 21, 2010

Thanks, you're the best.

Readers! You're the best. Why?

1) Your responses to Erin's query about traveling with a gift have been on point! I'm so pleased with this outpouring of insightful suggestions. It's not too late to add your 2 cents.

2) In my excitement to announce my first ad income, I forgot something imporant. I should have thanked you - sincerely - for your support. When a reader clicks on an ad link, I'm credited with a percentage of money from the advertiser. The average click this month is worth a buck.

While I can't encourage you to click on ads (a violation of policy), I can say THANK YOU for writing about, linking to, and coming by my blog. The rewards of sharing what I love are obviously not just monetary, but I am thrilled to be getting paid to do something I'm passionate about. So, thanks.

3) You never fail to impress me with your creativity. The image above is from beautifuliving's last gift wrapping endeavor. Check out her post for the details on her $1 gift wrap, animal cut-outs, and tips getting a 2-year old out the door for a birthday party.

{Image by beautifuliving}

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