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July 16, 2010

The Gifted Blog Turns 1

The Gifted Blog turns 1 next week! WHOO HOO!!

I have a couple of special things planned for my anniversary week that I think you'll enjoy. On Monday I'll show you a gift wrapping project I'm most proud of. It's my favorite gift wrap of the year so far! On Wednesday, please stop by for a thank-you giveaway. (Psst: see image.) Friday will bring another free printable idea!

This has been such a joyful, life-giving endeavor. From the blog's humble first posts to now, I really thank God for the opportunity to "go for it" - to pursue something I love, to take creative risks, to do things I've never tried before.

I had many doubts about writing a blog about gift wrapping. It sounded dumb, terribly specific, and even superficial. But the more I make, write, pray and think about it, the more I'm confident that this is the right thing for now. Gift wrapping is accessible. It's an everyday, democratic art. It honors the people we love. And it's a reason to use the gift of our imaginations and hands.

Thanks for being a part of my journey. See you next week!

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  1. Yay anniversaries. Congratulations. I've only recently discovered your blog, but I am enjoying the content. I have a feeling a lot of these tips will come in handy around Christmas.

    Perhaps in the future you might be interested in doing a guest post for my blog on cool wrapping ideas for food gifts. :-)

  2. Congratulations! And wow, we must be thinking on the same wavelength: I just finished a birthday gift for a friend today involving ruffled rosettes & a pouch [your picture reminds me of my project -- though the items you're showing are far more cheery & colorful!]. :)

    Saw this advertised on Craftzine, and thought you would get a kick out of the name:

  3. @Kelly - Thank you! It's been great to have your participation through the comments - I really appreciate them. And I'd love to be in touch about a possible guest post! Wrapping food gifts is an area of growth for me, so it would be a good challenge. : )

    @silverkeys - Thanks for the congrats. Just saw M & M last night and you definitely came up when talking about Lantern Review and my blog! Mia says you go all out in the things you're passionate about. I'll look forward to seeing your project if you post about it!

  4. Congratulations!! I love reading your posts and love that they're always relevant to my little life :) Thanks!

  5. @kimberj - It's been great to have you as a reader! Thank you for jumping into the discussion with your ideas and feedback. Many blog readers hesitate to leave comments and I love that you don't!


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