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July 2, 2010

Reader Question: Not Quite Enough Gift Wrap

"I often have random pieces of wrapping paper left, and sometimes the piece would almost fit my gift, but with a less-than-1-inch gap. Are there some ways to remedy this situation instead of just using a brand new piece of bigger wrapping paper? (this question is actually from my roommate)"     --Sam

Great question, Sam and roommate! I'm sure this happens to other readers, too. You might try a band of contrasting paper that can wrap all the way around the gift and hide the gap. I like how this gift wrap enthusiast recommends folding under each length to make the edges crisp. (Actually, I realized he addresses your very situation here.)

Readers, what other solutions do you recommend for a too-short piece of wrapping paper? Please let us know. Sam, his roommate and I are eager to hear your gift wrapping ideas!

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  1. Charissa, what you suggest is exactly what I'd do! My dad taught me to slip a scrap of wrapping paper just wider than the gap underneath. I like the idea of folding over the edges to make it seem neat. Often after patching I'll cover the seam with a wide ribbon (people rarely notice the difference - I've observed that while I enjoy carefully undoing the taped edges on wrapping, most of my family & friends like tearing the stuff off the gift willy-nilly). Sometimes if the gap is quite big I'll use a contrasting colored paper, as suggested.

  2. I like to go to the local thrift store and buy beautiful dresses and skirts whether its a print, stripe, solid etc. I wash them, cut them up, serge the edges in bright colors, and use them to wrap. Recycling :) Then I always have lots of options. I can buy a plus size skirt for $1.50 and have lots of fabric. Pants and shirts generally don't offer enough useable area.

  3. I second KimberJ on the big skirts! Tons of cheap, high quality fabric that way.

    But the contrasting band of paper is usually what I do - and this "almost enough paper" happens to me a lot. I like to cut the band with fancy scrapbooking scissors instead of folding the edges. Then people think you planned it that way.

  4. Sometimes if I don't have enough paper to wrap an item regularly, I can rotate it 45 degrees and have enough to wrap on the diagonal. Not sure if that made sense...!

  5. Great ideas, readers! Thank you so much for contributing.

    Here's another tip from Kellie Medivitz, who e-mailed this morning:

    Hey Charissa -

    I wanted to post a comment on this morning post but for some reason (could be because I'm at work) the fields aren't showing up for me : (

    Anyway, what I was going to suggest...

    Sewing the scraps together. With even the most basic knowledge of a sew machine. It can be a fun patch work style almost like a "fancy hobo"

    I did the sewing effect on one of the "It's a Wrap" with recycling gossip mags, However I just tried achieving "roll wrap" out of it.

  6. @Shawna - Hey, you beat me to the punch! I was just reading about wrapping on the diagonal in The Art of Gift Wrapping. I didn't realize that you don't need as much paper if you place the gift at an angle on the wrap, but it's true. I think this works best for flat(ish) presents.

    Thank you for the tip!

  7. hate when that happens - great tips! love that there are so many gift wrapping pros out there :)

  8. hey there, thanks for stopping by handmade in pa......presentation is what it's all your blog and beautiful wrapping ideas.....will come back often ;0

  9. Woah, I'm glad everyone has such amazing ideas. I was thinking about a really big bow... Often I will put the non matching wrap (or sometimes white printer paper) on the bottom of the gift. That way it's hidden. But you could also wrap it with a really large bow so that the bow becomes the focal point, not the mismatching paper.

  10. @Artist Victoria O'Neill - Welcome! It's great to have you.

    @twofourone - Good thinking to put the 'patch' on the bottom of the box. I also ran into this lovely set of gifts where a patch put in a conspicuous place becomes a part of the overall design!


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