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August 9, 2010


While the bulk of the Thank You Giveaway gift card holders were sent from our family vacation in Seattle, I just mailed the last one today. Done!

In total, 15 lovingly sewn gift card holders made their way into the world as a thank-you gift to my fabulous readers. You can see two of them at annekata and silverkeys.writes, two of my favorite blogs to read! [Edit: Here is a third at Queenie and the Dew, pictured below the list of book covers!]

There were so many kind comments about the gift card holders that I'm reconsidering the idea of selling them. I always get stuck on the pricing, though. Help me out - what would you consider a fair price for these guys? You can see them here if you need a reminder of what they look like.

Thanks in advance! Stay tuned for my tips on hosting a giveaway (after learning some lessons the hard way!).


  1. Charissa I forgot to tell you that I got it and it was awesome! :) I don't really want to give it away! And I def. think you should sell them. How much... that depends on how long it takes you to make them. I don't think most people would pay more than the $5 range though, sadly....

  2. @Jessica - I'm so glad you liked it! You totally don't have to give it away. Keep famous librarians' business cards in there or something.

    Thanks for your honest feedback about pricing. You are right that the time it takes should be factored in...I'm always tempted to lavish so much attention on my work that I think I out-price myself, if that makes sense.

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!! ; )

    Keep the feedback coming, readers!

  3. Mine arrived yesterday and I love it. So beautifully presented too. Thank you so much :) xx

  4. And mine, the last, came yesterday. It is beautiful! I think that it is about to house a wedding gift or stay with me or be my little girly's wallet. Either way it is great. Thanks so much!

  5. @Queenie - Glad I could add to all the colorful mail you're receiving and sending!

    @Marie - Oh good, it came! I'm so glad you like it (and have so many ideas for how it could be enjoyed)!


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