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August 26, 2010

Gift Wrapping On the Job

A student from my last Gift Toppers Workshop enlisted a coworker (above) and put her new gift wrapping skills to use! A and L work at Operation Nightwatch, an organization I deeply respect for their commitment to serving Seattle's homeless population with dignity.

To thank volunteers for their fundraising efforts, they procured two gift certificates and a gift basket - then gift wrapped them with grocery bag gift toppers!

Great job, A and L! Needless to say, I am delighted by this application of the gift toppers. It keeps their non-profit's dollars where they really matter, and it's a shining example of getting creative at work. How many of you are reading this from your work desks, wishing you could break out the scissors to make your own creation? I'd love to hear what you all do to satisfy your creative urges at work.

{Images by A}

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  1. I am sitting at my desk right now. I satisfy my creative urges by occasionally writing down ideas I have for craft projects or recipes to make later.

  2. @Kelly - Nice. Totally appropriate for work, but saves all the good ideas that come up between meetings and editing spreadsheets (or whatever tasks your daily work may involve!).

  3. i am planning my christmas wrap using this fantastic idea!!! no new bows...thanks for the super idea...

  4. Charissa,
    We had to mail the 2 gift certs, so removed those toppers first. We still enjoy them in the office, though, because Laura attached one to her computer monitor!
    Thanks for the lessons, oh gifted teacher!

  5. @Sharon - Whoo hoo! I'm so glad that Ez shared her tutorial - it's a super idea. Please let us know how yours turn out!

    @abaggashooz - Too bad the pom-poms couldn't be mailed...but glad that you found another use for them! It was such a pleasure having you in class...hopefully we can do it again!


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