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August 13, 2010

Help me help you

We are home after a wonderful vacation to see both sides of our family. We made more than one trek to Seattle's stunning Central Library and feasted several times on tender sweet corn from Iowa's verdant fields. Now that we are back, I have a thousand blog-related ideas buzzing around my head. But one thing at a time!

One of my priorities right now is to make The Gifted Blog easier to navigate. Already I have plans to tag posts by type (gift box, gift topper, gift tag, etc) and material (paper, cloth, recycled, etc). As the number of posts grow (can you believe this is #167!?), I want readers to be able to find what they're looking for.

So, tell me: what are you looking for? What sorts of categories would be helpful to you? This is a huge project and I'd love your input before I begin in earnest.

{Image by kannon}


  1. Is it possible to tag by shape? Bottle, rectangular box, etc?

  2. @Shawna - Sure, I could give it a shot! What shapes would you want listed?

  3. Maybe by time available or desired effort to exert.

  4. @Greg - Whoa, very interesting idea! I'm not sure I could tag each post with a time estimate, but it's a great idea to group together the projects that would only take a short amount of time, or a bit of effort.


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