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August 19, 2010

Inspired By: Origami Gift Boxes

This Inspired By post is part of a mini-series on the things and people that inspire my gift wrapping. Inspiration can strike at any time!

For your viewing pleasure, dreamy origami gift boxes folded from thrifted wallpaper. What luck to find 4 prints that look so good together! I wish I were able to hit the thrift stores more often to find some of my own. For more beautifully styled gift boxes, visit Lorajean's post here.

Edit: Whoa, Giver's Log / The Gifted Blog mind meld! I opened my Google Reader to find that AmberLee just posted about these. It's probably because of our psychic, gift wrapping bloggers' synchronicity.

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  1. Really nice...I've never come up with using wallpaper!

  2. they are the lovliest aren't they? and i have to say, there's no one i'd rather be melding minds with!


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