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August 25, 2010

Seattle Gift Toppers Workshop

It was a joy to teach a workshop to friends and family in my hometown last month! I barely advertised because we received so many sign-ups from word of mouth. (Thanks, ladies!) I would love to have you at the next one. Just comment or e-mail (giftedmailbox[at]gmail[dot]com) to hear about future Gifted workshops in Seattle!

At the end of class I like to ask my students to choose their favorite gift topper. This class was the first where the grocery bag pom-pom (pictured above and below) came up as a #1 pick! I think it has something to do with Seattle's aesthetic. There's an appreciation of things that look a bit funky, a bit untraditional.

(Can you tell we're sisters?)

All in all, a great time with some wonderful women. Over half the class has known me since childhood, and I loved getting to spend more time with them in a creative setting.

Stay tuned this week for a report on how one student put her new gift topper skills to use on the job!

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  1. That grocery bag pom pom is gorgeous and with everything been about green and recycled lately I can understand why. Perhaps you could turn this into a side business!

  2. Your baggie flowers are still one of my favs.

  3. thanks for teaching us! my drawer of groceries bags has nearly doubled since the class because i'm collecting all of the cool-colored ones i can find!

  4. @Kelly - Isn't it nice? It's so amazing how I teach exactly the same thing to a group of students, and each one turns out a little unique. This group was very perceptive about how each person's touch affected the final results.

    @DuhBe - Thank you. I was worried y'all might be tired of seeing them by now. : )

    @Shawna - Of COURSE! I really loved doing that together. Maybe you can try multi-colored pom poms next!


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