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September 17, 2010

5 Minute Upgrade: Index Card Doodle

This series was born when a friend requested quick ways to make a gift look nice before running out the door. Want more? Click here to see every 5 Minute Upgrade post to date!

When is a bowl of fruit not just a bowl of fruit?

When it comes with a sweet note like this!

With an index card and pencil, our neighbors turned this simple arrangement into a thoughtful welcome home gift. And you can, too! You don't need to be a Rembrandt to doodle a happy face (or other simple subject matter) on a present's card or gift tag. Honestly, it's the thought that counts.

Do you have a 'go-to' doodle that you like to draw? Or did your drawing skills never advance beyond the 1st-grade level? (No shame, we won't laugh...)

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  1. I like the reminder that it doesn't need to be fancy or over-the-top and that it doesn't even require lots of timely handcrafted work to be special, thoughtful and super-sweet!


  2. Cute! I like that it is simple... pure appreciation says a lot :)

  3. @deepblueseadesigns - YES. I think especially the crafty among us need to step back and remember it's the thought that counts. We don't need to outdo ourselves every time we make something for another (this is a note to self as much as a general encouragement). And we were truly so grateful for that bowl of fruit!

    @OneCraftyFox - Thank you! Aren't our neighbors awesome?


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