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October 19, 2010

annekata Hand-Sewn Ornaments | Tutorial Tryout

Tutorial Tryouts are my reviews of DIY ideas from the internet and other sources. Click here for the whole series!

Have you heard of annekata? Kathrin's blog captured the attention of crafters everywhere with her fabric tape tutorial, and she's kept me coming back with her passion for hand sewing, inquisitive mind, and sense of humor.

I read about her hand sewn ornaments and dropped everything to start some. They aren't a gift wrapping idea, but I had to share this since I wrote about wrapping them as gifts a little while ago.

{Image via annekata}

Just too pretty. I started mine at home and took them on the road when we visited family.

My mom took this photo while my dad and N played beside us at a park. I love how portable a hand-sewn project is!

I really liked the spare use of color on the annekata ornaments. Though I tried, I couldn't exercise the same restraint and every hand stitched circle ended up a different set of colors!

I had so much fun with the embroidery that it took a while before I made the first ornament. For me, the trick was notching the edges of the circles after they were sewn together. That made the edges much smoother when flipped right side out!

The final product, just waiting for the right gift wrapping idea!

Kathrin, thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial. Readers, if you haven't haven't already, find the full instructions for these hand-sewn ornaments here. They'd make a lovely Christmas gift!

I gift wrapped a set of these for two dear friends on their wedding day. After receiving so many generous registry items and gift certificates for our own wedding, I've had a certain idea of what a wedding gift 'should' be. But lately I've been reconsidering what makes a good gift. What do you think? Would you give something you made yourself as a wedding gift?

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  1. So gorgeous! I want to try -- now I have an excuse to buy pastel embroidery thread! Weee!

  2. @claire - It's great to hear from you. I would love to see your take on this project - from the looks of your blog I bet you could find some interesting 'blah' materials to transform with embroidery!

  3. Hi Charissa!

    I recently replied to your comment on my savings blog. I was mentioning that I do not post any credit, I only do so when I receive emails with photos/deals/coupons/etc. I would not want to give false credit. I love your blog, if I may....can I use one of your amazing gift wrapping ideas? Is there anyway you'd be able to send me a link/photo of a Christmas wrapping, or something that is budget friendly.

    Thank you!

  4. @Alyssa - Just e-mailed you. Thank you so much for your kind words!


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